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New cabin Diamon Evo

A new era of cabins - DIAMOND EVO
Stylistic confidence in Pininfarina design

Innovative, individual and stylish
The Diamond cabin’s modular structure offers particularly great scope for individuality. It makes different length, width and height versions possible. The interior fittings, including the light concept, can also be tailored for the customer’s requirements. LEITNER ropeways stands for innovation, quality in design and engineering, as well as maximum adaptability in exclusive implementation - the Diamond EVO guarantees all of this at the highest level.

Symbiosis of the successful Symphony and Diamond
The new Diamond EVO gondola – EVO stands for evolution – is based on the well-known Diamond model, but is wider and longer. In addition to this, LEITNER ropeways’ new star product is also available with sliding doors with fixed side elements along the side face, or with sliding doors spanning the entire surface. The new main frame and the external profile are based on the Pininfarina design of the Symphony cabin, which still remains a real leap forward in design quality in the ropeway sector. Key features of the new Diamond EVO are the flatter support structures and the option of equipping the exterior lighting (contour lighting) with LED strips integrated in the support profiles.

Première at one of the hotspots in the Alps
The Diamond EVO 2017 will be premièred at the opening of the new 10-passenger monocable gondola lift at Spieljoch in the Zillertal valley. This will replace an existing gondola lift and be routed via two sections with a shared drive system in the midway station. The system equipped with LEITNER DirectDrive will start directly in Fügen and offer more comfort, faster journeys at 6 m/sec. and a higher transport capacity. An upgrade of the Onkeljochbahn ropeway is planned in the ski resort for the following year with an identically designed system with just one section, which will replace an existing 3-seater chairlift. The new Wimbachexpress in Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach – also equipped with Diamond EVO gondolas and LEITNER DirectDrive – will replace the existing 4-seater Krössbichl chairlift for exclusive winter operation in the ski resort itself, also offering access to a new area.

 Reporter: Ram-Brand
Catégorie: Ropeway world news
Date: 14/05/2017 12:31:42